December 11, 2008 – 4:28 PM by Dr. Jeebus

For those who don’t know yet, I now have a blog on this site. You really should know though, it’s been there for months. There’s even a link to it on the site’s nav bar. Oh well, I forgive you for not knowing.
Anyway, now that the news section is as operational as that second Death Star (fully), I can keep you all updated on the status of the blog. The blog updates four times a week, usually Monday through Thursday. Every week I’ll post links to all of my new entries here in the news section, just in case you forget to bookmark me. This week I’m also including a link to my most popular article thus far, in case you missed it.
My 10 Favourite Arcade Games of All Time
MTG Secret Santa
Jeebus Saves! (The Earth)
Obama Won – Get Over It You Fucking Crybabies
Paperboy for the NES: Bullshit Liberal Propaganda

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